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Some Free Pattern Sharing- from Cascade Yarns

For those of you who meet regularly with a group of fellow yarn-fanatics, you will know the feeling when a knitting/crocheting friend pulls their latest masterpiece out of their knitting bag for everyone to “ooh” and “ahhh” over- such excitement! And isn’t it just the best when that knitting/crocheting friend of yours announces to…

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Five Free Patterns from Borgo de Pazzi

Italy and its people are known for their enviable style, top notch cuisine and of course, high-quality yarns. Borgo de Pazzi is an Italian yarn company that certainly offers the latter, providing a gorgeous range of distinct yarns for knitters and crocheters who appreciate working with, and wearing natural fibres. And as if that weren’t enough… Borgo also offers many…

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Cascade Tangier Poncho- Free Pattern Friday!

We bring you today’s free pattern for a variety of reasons. Mainly, because gift giving season is pretty much in full swing. And this pattern? It makes the perfect gift. Now, before you freak out at the thought of knitting an entire garment for someone on your gift list, breathe deep, and hear us…

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