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Lang Yarns- Celebrating 150 Years

As it just so happens, world renowned yarn company Lang Yarns is celebrating a very noteworthy birthday this year! Based out of Reiden, Switzerland at 150 years young, Lang Yarns, has been a key player in the yarn industry for as long as our country has been… well, a country! While knitwear styles, habits of…

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Ravelry Spotlight- Estelle Worsted Projects

As most knitters and crocheters often find themselves doing, we were browsing through Ravelry over a cup of tea recently, and decided to search our own yarn, Estelle Worsted to see what you talented people have been busy making with it. Upon doing so, we discovered that there is a truly fantastic collection of projects…

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New Yarn- Manos Serpentina

Manos del Uruguay is well known for their vibrant colours and truly unbelievably soft fibre blends. It is impossible to imagine knitting or crocheting anything in a Manos yarn, that is not absolutely gorgeous. And while Manos has never been afraid of colour or texture, they are pulling out all the stops with their latest…

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