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1-Skein Cable Cowl Amendment- Free Pattern Friday

Today we are going to feature a free pattern that is a new addition to the Estelle Pad Pattern collection, and we chose this pattern to share with you today for two reasons. Reason 1- It’s a really great pattern! We love it! And we are quite certain that you will also love it. It’s…

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Vogue Knitting- The Ultimate Knitting Book

In this day in age, when questions can be answered with a simple search online, it seems silly to some, to spend money on bulky reference books. While knitting is something that is constantly evolving, at Estelle Yarns, we would like to argue that a good reference book is something that every knitter should have…

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Understanding Gauge

Knitters hate to knit gauge swatches. It feels like such a waste of time to so many of us. We just want to get on with things and cast on our new sweater/hat/gloves/vest that we are just DYING to dive into. Why waste time with a pesky gauge swatch??? Ugh. NO THANKS! However, jump…

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