ChiaoGoo Twist Mini Interchangeable Sets

Over the past few years, interchangeable knitting needles have had the knitting universe buzzing. Knitters are buying them, asking for them as gifts, using them as their primary knitting needles, or maybe just as their ‘on-the-go’ needles. Any knitter with interchangeable needles will tell you that they don’t remember life (or their knitting bag!) before they acquired their first set. The vast majority of knitting needle companies now have a version of interchangeable knitting needles in their product line-up, and ChiaoGoo is no exception.

At Estelle Yarns, we are pleased to announce that we are now distributing  ChiaoGoo knitting needles, crochet hooks and accessories across Canada. ChiaoGoo makes premium products, at reasonable prices, and their interchangeable knitting needle sets have been receiving rave reviews from around the world since their debut several years ago.

Up until recently, ChiaoGoo has been offering their lightweight, surgical grade stainless steel interchangeable needle sets in a small version (2.75mm-5mm), large (5.5mm-10mm) and complete (2.75mm-10mm). On top of those three sets however, they are also offering something that no other needle company does- ChiaoGoo now offers a MINI set of interchangeable knitting needles! With needle sizes ranging from 1.5mm-2.5mm, this set continues to deliver the same high quality that have made their other stainless steel sets so popular- including flexible cords, smooth joins and needle tips that switch easily and do not loosen unexpectedly while knitting.

So if you are an avid sock knitter, love working in delicate lace patterns and yarn, or simply enjoy knitting at a fine gauge, then this set is for you!

Each ChiaoGoo Mini Interchangeable set contains five pairs of needle tips, including 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2mm, 2.25mm and 2.5mm, as well as three cords (60cm, 80cm  and 100cm). ChiaoGoo’s signature flexible red cords are made of multi-stranded stainless steel, coated in a smooth, nylon finish- making them memory free! So if knitting socks using the Magic Loop technique is something that you enjoy doing, you need not worry about leaving a kink in your cord.

Great needles and cords is not all that this kit offers- there’s more! Including a needle gauge, cable connectors, stoppers, stitch markers, tightening keys and a gripper, the contents of this kit are all neatly packaged in a mesh carrying case that will keep all of your tools perfectly organized. Each needle size has it’s own, labelled pocket, and the tools and notions are safely stowed away in zippered pouches.

One thing about this kit should be noted however. Due to the ‘mini’ nature of these needles, the cords and tips are not compatible with the larger interchangeable needle kits available from ChiaoGoo– they’re just too teeny!

These kits are now available in local yarn stores across Canada. To get your set today, click here to find a shop near you.

And to look at ChiaoGoo’s full range of products, including bamboo interchangeable needles, double pointed needle gift sets and individual circular, straight and double pointed needles, please click here. 

Happy knitting everyone!

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