Introducing Estelle Sudz Crafting Cotton Spray

If you are a knitter or a crocheter, chances are probably pretty good that a dishcloth has somehow made its way on and off of your needles at some point in your crafting career (no matter how long or short that career may be!).

Making a dishcloth may even have been what got you into knitting or crocheting in the first place! Perhaps you knit dishcloths as stocking stuffers and hostess gifts, or maybe you crochet them as stress relievers. Whatever the case may be, there really aren’t too many projects that work up as quickly, or that are as practical as a cotton dishcloth- which is what makes them an absolutely perfect ‘beginner project’!

While some may scoff at the idea of knitting a dishcloth when they are so readily available at their local Dollar Store, those that scoff have clearly never washed their dishes or wiped their counter tops with a handmade cloth before. There is simply no comparison!

Our popular Sudz Crafting Cotton has been available in local yarn stores all across Canada for several years now, and it is the perfect yarn for knitting or crocheting dishcloths with. Sudz is well made, well priced, and available in a wonderfully wide range of colours. Currently available in variegated, tonal, and solid shades, we are pleased to introduce Sudz Spray as the latest addition to the Sudz family!

Sudz Spray is a worsted weight yarn, that has a single colour ‘sprayed’ onto a white cotton yarn base. Available in twelve different shades, you can knit the rainbow! Or, you can simply knit one or two cloths to match your best friend’s kitchen- or bathroom! (Who says you can’t knit facecloths?)

While dishcloths tend to be the item most commonly knit using Estelle Sudz, there is really no reason why one cannot stray from the norm. Being that Sudz is a worsted weight, cotton yarn, there are countless pattern ideas available online, and at your local yarn store. From cotton baby sweaters, to market bags, to hand towels, this yarn is both versatile and hard wearing, making it perfect for a wide range of projects.

To view the full range of Sudz Crafting Cotton Spray shades on our website, please click here.

And while Sudz Tonal, Solids and Multis are currently available at a local yarn shop near you, Sudz Crafting Cotton Spray will be available in early August 2016.

Happy knitting and crocheting everyone!

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