Introducing Estelle Chunky

Being that Estelle Yarns is celebrating 40 years of business this year, we wanted to introduce a timeless yarn to our Estelle range, as a way of marking this very special occasion. We were aiming for the kind of yarn that could be a staple in any knitter’s stash, knitting bag or local yarn store. A yarn that knitters and crocheters will continue to ask for in their local yarn store forty years down the road from now. The kind of yarn that will produce blankets, sweaters and mittens that will continue to be worn, loved and cared for another forty years after that.

Estelle Chunky is a yarn that is vast in it’s colour palette, easy to care for, soft to the touch, and available at a price point that is accessible to everyone. It is the kind of yarn that someone with even the mildest of yarn habits may feel so inclined to pick up multiples of, ‘just in case’. One never knows when a last minute hat may need to be knit up to match a nephew’s new snowsuit! Or when a friend may ask for a pair of striped mittens to be knit for their husband to celebrate a looming anniversary. It is always best that one be prepared, and having a few skeins of some staple yarns on hand is never a bad idea!

Composed of 50% Acrylic, 40% Wool and 10% Nylon, this yarn is easy to launder- which is key when knitting or crocheting for other people as gifts. With Estelle Chunky, there will be no dreaded phone calls from your loved ones to declare “You will never guess what happened to that throw you made us for our wedding… Donny tossed it into the dryer, and now it’s the size of a place mat!” You can gift projects made with this yarn with confidence, knowing that they will remain (more or less) the same size as the years go by. (Sidenote: We recommend ALWAYS avoiding the dryer with anything that is hand knit or crocheted, but should Estelle Chunky somehow find it’s way into the dryer by accident, it won’t shrink into something unusable- just to be clear!)

As a fibre, wool gets a bad rap as a result of too many pairs of really itchy mittens having been made for people over the years from relatives near and far. However, 100% synthetic yarns do not allow our skin to breath in the same way that natural fibres do, which can leave us feeling clammy and chilled. But when natural fibres are combined with synthetic fibres, magic happens! The end result is an incredibly soft, wonderfully breathable garment that holds it’s shape over years of being loved. When natural and unnatural are mixed, we are presented with the best of both worlds. The wool is no longer itchy, and the acrylic is now breathable, keeping us cozier, and warmer in the end. In this country, isn’t that exactly what we look for in a yarn?

And lastly, the gauge! Chunky yarn is what one needs when time is of the essence! Estelle Chunky knits up quickly on a 6mm needle, giving 14 stitches over 4″. With lots of patterns available online, and at your local yarn store, the project possibilities are endless.

Should you prefer to work with something a little thinner? Not a problem! We have you covered. Estelle Worsted is available in the same great range of forty colours, and at the same great price- only thinner!

Estelle Chunky is now available in stores across Canada, so call your local yarn shop to have a few skeins set aside for you today. And be sure to let us know what you are planning to make with it. Our biggest inspiration is all of you- so keep us posted!

Happy knitting and crocheting everyone!

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