New Book- Lang Baby 240

Whether there are little ones in our life or not, knitting for babies and children is always such a joy. When we knit for kids, we allow ourselves to work outside of our usual colour constraints and get a break from thinking about what works best for our body type. And most importantly, we can (hopefully) just have a little fun. Bright colours, unique textures and playful shapes, kids can wear most anything! And so long as they are comfortable, they will always look (and feel!) great.

When asking a child what they would like you to knit them, you naturally run the risk of being stuck knitting your absolute least favourite colour and/or pattern in the world. And while some kids couldn’t care less about what sweater pattern you knit them, for others, it’s a dream come true! It gives them an opportunity to feel like they are capable of making decisions, and encourages their inner fashion designer!

However, sometimes it is absolutely wonderful to just go ahead, and cast on a gorgeous sweater for a little one in your very own colour and pattern selection. Should you be looking for a little inspiration in that department, nothing will inspire you more than the latest kid’s book from Lang.

With classic cabled pullovers for the big kid in your life, and sweet cozy sweaters for the baby, you can keep your entire brood warm- and stylish!- thanks to this gorgeous book of patterns.

With many of the patterns ranging in size from 3 months to four years, you can even start planning ahead for next year’s Christmas photo- matching family sweaters anyone? Classic cardigans, baby blankets with pop, simple yoked sweaters and beautiful boleros, there is truly a sweater in this book for every child, and every occasion.

With all of the patterns in this book calling for some of Lang’s most gorgeous yarns, knitting tiny sweaters is a great opportunity to use some luxury yarns, without breaking the bank. But don’t let the ‘handwash only’ labels scare you away! A quick soak in your sink filled with some water and your favourite no-rinse sweater wash, those sweaters will come out as good as new- with minimal effort on anyone’s part!

Should you know your child well enough to know that handwash is simply not an option, this book is still filled with gorgeous designs that can easily be substituted with a variety of washable yarns. If substituting yarns intimidates you, that’s what your local yarn shop is for! So be sure to stop by, pick up a copy of this book, and get them to help you out with some substitutions.

Stay warm everyone! And happy knitting.

And don’t forget! If you haven’t entered our contest that we talked about earlier in the week- there’s still time! Click here to read how you have a chance to win some yarn! 

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