Spotlight on King Cole Baby Yarns

We have talked about King Cole Yarns on this blog a lot in the past, and if you have ever had a chance to knit with their yarns (and we hope that you have!), you will know why.

The quality of the yarns, the extensive pattern support that accompanies each yarn, and the vast colour selections are only just a few of the reasons why we love them so much.

Today however, we thought we would focus on one particular category of their yarn collection, and that their baby yarns.

It is a well known fact amongst the knitting and crocheting community, that babies are often what bring people back to knitting or crocheting, or what introduces them to it in the first place. Whether they want to knit for their own little one, a loved one’s little one, or maybe even a little one that they will never meet (there are plenty of charities that accept hand knitted and crocheted donations!), making something for a baby simply seems a lot less daunting than making something for an adult- perfect for the aspiring new knitters or crocheter.

So, in celebration of babies, and all of the knitting and crocheting that they inspire us to take on, we thought that we would feature three of King Cole’s most beloved baby yarns on the blog today. Easy to wash, soft to cuddle and with many available in colours both the traditional and trendy palette, King Cole has hit the nail on the head with each and every one of these yarns and patterns.

First up, we have King Cole’s Smarty DK. We talked about this yarn on the blog when it was first released, but we felt it was a yarn worth mentioning again. A DK weight yarn (such a great weight for babies!), available in twelve specked shades, this yarn is perfect for anyone who tends towards the traditional, but enjoys a few subtle pops of colour. Perfect for simple stocking stitch, or more complicated lace, the flecks of colour will not interfere with a stitch pattern.

To view the full range of Smarty DK colours available, please click here. And to view the full range of patterns that call for this yarn, please click here. But remember! Being that this yarn is a DK weight, there are countless other options available to you both from King Cole, and on Ravelry– it is such a popular gauge!

If you happen to have a deadline looming, and want something super soft and squishy for a little one in your life, then King Cole Yummy is the yarn for you! A chunky yarn, knit on a 6mm needle at ten stitches per inch, this yarn will simply fly off of the needles. Available in ten fun shades, this yarn is suitable to swaddle a wee babe in, or perfect for whipping up a cardigan for your busy toddler.

To view the full range of Yummy colours so that you can get planning your next quick-knit project, please click here. And to view all of the Yummy patterns, please click here.

And finally, this post would not be complete without mentioning some self-striping yarns. It seems to us as though self-striping yarns just go hand-in-hand with kid’s and baby projects! (Oh, and sock knitting- of course!) Saving you from having to weave in a million ends, self-striping yarn looks adorable in both baby garments and accessories. And not only that, it is such fun to knit! Anyone who has knit with self-striping yarn will tell you that they have stayed up way past their bedtime at some point, as they wanted to squeeze in just ‘one more stripe’!

King Cole’s Candy Stripe is perfect for new babies, as it washes well, and is available in nine, ‘sweet’ shades. With a great selection of pattern leaflets to accompany this popular yarn, there is a leaflet, and a striping colour way for everyone!

To view the full range of Candystripe colours, please click here. And to view the collection of Candystripe DK pattern, please click here. 

If you have yet to discover King Cole and their amazing range of quality products, please be sure to explore the entire collection by clicking here. 

Do you already love King Cole? Then let us know what patterns and yarns are your favourites! It is always a pleasure hearing from you.

Happy knitting everyone!

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