Lang Yarns- Celebrating 150 Years

As it just so happens, world renowned yarn company Lang Yarns is celebrating a very noteworthy birthday this year! Based out of Reiden, Switzerland at 150 years young, Lang Yarns, has been a key player in the yarn industry for as long as our country has been… well, a country!

While knitwear styles, habits of handknitters/crocheters and technology may shift as the years march on, one thing is certain- Lang’s commitment to quality in their products has not swayed. From the very beginning until present day, knitters and crocheters can be certain that when they pick up a ball of Lang Yarn to work with, they will be working with the highest of quality standards.

Something that makes Lang Yarns so outstanding, aside from how smoothly the company has transitioned with the times, is that it continues to remain a family business, even after six generations. According Forbes, less than one third of family businesses survive the transition from first to second generation, and another 50% don’t survive the transition from second to third. The Lang family however, has been a wildly exceptional exception to that rule.

Operating under it’s sixth generation, Jakob Lang is the family member presently at the helm. Founder Bernhardt Lang is Jakob’s Great Great Great Grandfather, who began producing yarns in 1867, working from of the historic buildings in Reiden, Switzerland where Lang continues it’s operations to this day.

Throughout the 1920’s, Lang’s hand knitting yarns began production at a mill that was originally powered by water from the Wigger River. While this mill continues to operate to this day, the technology has evolved. Since the turn of the millennium, Lang Yarns has kept a keen focus on the development of new yarns and knitting designs. While their facilities and technologies have moved forward with the times, one thing is certain- their attention to quality remains unwavered.

In honor of their 150th anniversary, Lang chose a handful of their most popular yarns to showcase in a publication that was distributed at their 150th anniversary event. We felt that if Lang thought these yarns were worthy of being mentioned to all of their closest friends, family and business associates, then they were certainly worth mentioning to you!

Merino +
This yarn is made from extra-fine merino fibres, and is first combed, and then finely spun. Given the long staple length of this fibre, this yarn is soft, even to the most sensitive of knitters. The palette of colours is intense, and the yarn produces knitting that pops- perfect for cables and stitch patterns!

Mohair Luxe
It seems as though people either love mohair, or hate it. But for those of us that love it- this is a mohair that should not be missed. It is the ultimate in luxury! The mohair fibres are twisted with a shiny thread of pure silk into a boucle style yarn, which is then brushed out to create a soft, gorgeous halo.

Malou Light
This yarn is truly light as air. Composed of 78% Baby Alpaca, 16% Nylon and 12% Wool, this yarn is incredibly soft and warm. The nylon and wool are blended together with the dyed fibres to create a knitted tube, and the baby alpaca is then blown into the tubing and fixed. The end result is unlike any other yarn on the market, providing fantastic yardage, and an amazing colour palette.

Cashmere Premium
The name of this yarn really does say it all. Fine fibres are combed from the undercoat of cashmere goats to achieve the softest yarn possible, and the spinning technology ensures that it won’t pill immediately upon wearing. Cable twisted with two and three strands, this yarn is the ultimate in both luxury, and durability.

The undercoat of camels and extrafine Merino is what makes up this irresistable yarn, but it is not spun like traditional yarns are. Rather, it is knitted into a mesh yarn, and the fine fibers are blown into the centre of the knitted mesh, partially fixed by a sturdy polyester strand. This allows the soft halo and natural luxury of the camel/wool blend to escape.

To get your hands on any of these gorgeous Lang Yarns, please click here to locate a local yarn shop near you. If you have any questions about locating a particular Lang Yarn, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We will be happy to connect you with a retail establishment that can provide you with whatever yarn it is that you may be looking for.

And finally, from all of us at Estelle Yarns, to everyone at Lang Yarns, we wish you many more years of continued success. All the best, from all of us!

And to all of the rest of you- Happy Knitting!

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