Free Pattern- Knitted Sunseeker Beach Bag by Lin Damrell

Summer is in full swing, and trips to the beach and the pool are (hopefully) happening on the regular for you by now. And what’s the one thing that every beach goer and pool partier needs? Why, a beach bag- of course!

Using only two skeins of Cascade Yarns Sunseeker, and two sizes of circular needles, you too could have a gorgeous beach bag of your very own! Composed of a durable combination of 48% Acrylic, 47% Cotton and 5% Metallic, Sunseeker is available in thirty nine shades, all with a subtle coordinating sparkle spun directly into the yarn. A beach bag seems like the perfect project for this yarn! Besides, who doesn’t love a little bling with their Summer accessories?


This beach bag begins at the bottom with a garter stitch rectangle. Stitches are then picked up around each of the sides, and then continued with a simple lace pattern knit on a larger sized needle. Given the combination of the lacy pattern and the larger needle, this bag will stretch to easily accommodate your beach towel, bathing suit, sun screen and trashy magazine- no problem!

With the wide range of shades that Sunseeker is available in, you may find yourself itching to knit one for yourself, one for your sister, one for your mother… Once you have worked your way through the family, you will need to be sure to get a Beach Day on the calendar together!

However, should one of you want something a little more ‘flashy’ than what any of the thirty nine solid Sunseeker shades can offer, be sure to check out the sixteen variegated shades of Sunseeker Multis!


To get your hands on this free pattern, courtesy of Cascade Yarns, please click here. And to pick up a few skeins of Sunseeker from a local yarn shop near you, please click here to check out our directory of Canadian retailers.

Happy knitting everyone!

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