“Sock Stop” by Rico Yarns

Everyone loves handknit socks- whether they know it, or not.

Knit someone a pair, and I guarantee that they will be back, begging for more.

Even the stubborn ones who claim that they never want a pair??? They do. Trust me.

So while many of us might think to ourselves “Well, if that’s their attitude… why would I waste my time knitting anything for them???”

Well, I’ll tell you why…Because now you finally know what to give that person on your list who has everything they could possibly ever need or want- everything that is, except for handknit socks.

Should that person on your list perhaps still not be ‘sold’ on the idea of knit socks, what if we told you that you could transform those socks into slippers???

You heard us. And we speak the truth.

Rico has introduced a paint/glue that one can dot along the bottom of any pair of socks- handknit or not! This instantly transforms any pair of socks into a pair of SLIPPER socks. Perfect for shuffling around the house in the dead of winter.

How about that… eh?

model image 265x265 Available in a large assortment of colours to suit any person you might be so inclined to knit for- and their socks.

New Colours 337x295

Just dab or draw the paint along the soles and VOILA! A slipper sock is born.

Contact your local yarn shop to see if they stock Sock Stop, and prepare yourself as you watch everyone who ever said that they never wanted handknit socks “get a grip”.

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