The wonderful people at the downtown Toronto knitting store Lettuce Knit, were approached in late October by a PR firm with a pretty unusual request. This request wasn’t out of the ordinary just because it’s not something that you hear of everyday, but also because it came with a deadline that would make ANY knitter’s head spin.

But you know what? With the help of social media and a gaggle of wonderful knitters, they pulled it off, with flying colours.

So as to not keep you guessing, I shall reveal the secret project that was steamed and seamed by November 17th after casting on October 30th.

Tim Hortons Truck

A Tim Hortons truck cozy!

Cascade Eco+ was knit triple stranded on 12 mm needles, with a crew of thirty knitters all taking part.

On top of all of this excitement, there’s more! Every time you tweet #warmwishes, Tim Hortons will donate a hat to a child in need.

Nice work Tim’s! And job well done Lettuce Knit!

To read the full report from the ladies at Lettuce Knit, click here.

Tim Hortons Truck 2

             The Knitting Dream Team

Coffee and knitters… the ultimate combination.

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