This week, the magazine Hello Canada ran a page that was titled “The Stars Embrace Sweater Weather”. While this statement is nothing new (who doesn’t embrace sweater weather???), we must admit that we were rather intrugued by the common theme connecting each sweater (other than the fact that a celebrity was wearing it).

Each sweater featured a ‘picture knit’- and for those of you who aren’t quite sure what I am talking about, keep on scrolling.

Courtesy of Hello Magazine


You see that??? All of them. With big, knitted images splashed across their chests.

And whether or not that’s your thing, you have to admit that it did put a smile across your face. Did it not?

Which got us thinking about King Cole, and how they are really one of the only companies out there that are still doing ‘picture knits’. We all remember the ‘curling sweaters’ of the 60’s and 70’s, and their recent resurgence in the ready-to-wear market, but as for knitting patterns… they are definitely difficult to come by.

Whether or not that’s because it has fallen out of fashion (although the celebs pictured above would have you think otherwise), or because knitters just hate doing intarsia, King Cole just keeps cranking out the patterns.

You see?

King Cole Owl Sweater_files

King Cole Patterns 3714 (above) and 3715 (below)

Something for you.


King Cole Patterns 3710 (above) and 3466 (below)

Something for the little ones.


King Cole PatternsĀ 3810 (above) and 3809 (below)

Heck, there is even something for the holidays!

King Cole has got you covered.

So if you think that this just might be your thing, click here for a great YouTube video on how to knit intarsia.

And when your friends ask you what ever could have ever possessed you to tackle intarsia, you can blame it on Carrie Bradshaw.