By this point in the game, you should be getting close to the point of wrapping up any Christmas knitting/crocheting projects that you were hoping to get through for 2014. Sewing on buttons, weaving in ends, blocking… all of those pesky, (but important!) finishing touches that make any knitting and crocheting project look polished and perfect.

Us knitters and crocheters go to the trouble of making things for other people because we love them. And because we know that nothing is better than a personalized gift! Every single time that your loved one puts on or uses their hat/mitts/scarf/shawl/afghan/socks/leg warmers/etc, they will think of you. So why not remind them that you didn’t only go to the trouble of gifting them something absolutely perfect, but you also took the time to MAKE it too!

Often times, people who do not ‘make’, have a tendency to forget that other people do. And that’s not their fault, nor is it to be held against them. It’s just the way it is!

But in order to remind your loves ones of this very important fact about their thoughtful gift, Rico Yarns has come up with a solution for us all.

“Made By Me” labels!


There are two different styles of labels to choose from. The horizontal labels work well in the back of a sweater, or inside the cuff of your mittens- anywhere that you might want to conceal it. This version is best suited to those a little more modest…


But for those of us who have no problem stating loud and clear that WE MADE THIS GIFT, then these vertical labels are just the thing. Simply wrap it around the brim of a hat, corner of an afghan, or even the cuff of a sweater. That way, nobody will forget how hard you worked- or how much you love them!

And while these labels perhaps might suggest that the wearer of the garment is also the maker of the garment, they know the truth. Whether or not they choose to correct people who mistake your handiwork for theirs… is entirely up to them.

Consider that a part of their gift.

For a list of stockists, please click here. Just be sure to call first! So as to ensure that they have them in stock.

Good luck with all of those last minute finishing touches!