It’s that time of year where we are all feeling a need for speed- at least when it comes to our knitting and crocheting we do! Which is why we thought we would talk a little bit about one of our favourite chunky yarns around here- Cascade Magnum.


It’s thick, it’s warm, it’s 100% wool, it’s packaged in a giant 250 gram skein, and it is available in over fifty colours. It really does hits all of the important marks. Doesn’t it? Here is just a very small sampling of some of the gorgeous shades they have to offer.


                                                             Cascade Magnum

Don’t believe us that there’s more??? Click here to view the full range for yourself!

Not to mention, due to it’s popularity, there are LOADS of patterns available for this yarn. For example, this pattern that was designed by the lovely ladies over at Wool Tyme in Ottawa, Ontario.

MagnumQuick, chunky and ultra soft- you will want one every colour (yes- all fifty colours!) We swear!

For more patterns using Cascade Magnum, just head on over to Cascade’s website. They have loads! Or, of course, hit up Ravelry, click the “patterns” tab, and type in Cascade Magnum. You will be blown over by the seven pages of fabulous and fast patterns to inspire you.