Since it has been so snowy in these parts as of late, we thought it might be nice to look ahead to Spring, and dream of warmer days with the help of some new Spring Yarns.

Back in 2013, King Cole introduced a fabulous “thick and thin” cotton/acrylic blend yarn called Opium that took our knitting worlds by storm. We loved it! The thick parts were soft and fluffy- so fun to¬†knit through!- and the thin parts were textured with a crimp. The yarn is the perfect combination and balance of textures. Opium knits up into a gorgeous fabric, perfect for summer tops, tunics and wraps. The yarn is very breathable¬†but keeps you covered- fashionable, and functional when the AC is blasting in the office! (Hard to imagine.. isn’t it?)

Recently, King Cole had the brilliant idea to release Opium Palette, a self striping version of the Summery yarn that we all fell in love with. Once you have a peek at the available colourways, we think that you will agree with us when we say that they have hit the nail on the head. These colours are cheerful, and the striping is unlike most other self-striping yarns. The stripe pattern is wide, and works beautifully in garments, unlike other self striping yarns which tend to be best used in accessories such as hats and scarves.

In true King Cole style, they did not dream of releasing a new yarn without being sure that they had the pattern support to back it up. Here are some of their spot-on Summer essentials to kick off the pattern collection for Opium Palette. We are sure that you will find exactly what you need to keep you covered and stylish this summer.

The icing on this self-striping cake is that the yardage is simply incredible. At 250 meters per ball, you will only need a few balls to get you through any of the projects pictured above.

Click here for a list of possible stockists.

Be sure to call first so that you can be sure your local yarn shop has Opium Palette in stock.

Happy knitting (and dreaming of Spring!) everyone!