This Monday is when we officially launch into our KAL! We are SO excited to be doing this with you, so we hope that you will join in! Thus far, we have received lots of positive feedback, so it sounds like we are all in for a good time.

If you are unsure of what it is that we are talking about… click here to catch up on all of the details.

We have had a lot of questions surrounding the KAL being directed our way. So, that’s what this blog post is devoted to; answering those questions!

“Which yarns can I use?”

As far as which yarns can be used, as long as it’s from Estelle, we are flexible! The pattern however, does call for a DK weight, so to make your life a little easier, why don’t we just stick with the suggested gauge.

A DK weight is a yarn that typically knits at 22 stitches over 4″ on a 4mm needle (or whatever size needle you need to get gauge).

Listed below are all the DK yarns that Estelle Yarns stocks, and it is a long list! So if your local yarn store doesn’t have the yarn that you think you want, bring in this list, and they can more than likely set you up with another one.

Each of the yarns has been linked to their page on our website, so feel free to give them all a click in order to view the yarn, and the full range of shades available. If we didn’t link to the yarn yet, it’s because we are working on getting them up on our site ASAP. But just because we don’t have it on our site doesn’t mean that your LYS doesn’t have it in stock!

Estelle Yarns

Eco Andean DK (note- this yarn is NOT a superwash)

Q260 Ball Image Original

Cascade Yarns North Shore                   Prints

Cascade Yarns

220 Superwash
220 Sport Superwash
220 Sport Superwash Multis
220 Sport
Cherub DK
Longwood Sport
North Shore/ North Shore Prints
Sateen/ Sateen Multi
Sunseeker/ Sunseeker Shade/ Sunseeker Multi
Ultra Pima/ Ultra Pima Paints

King Cole

Authentic Cotton Mix DK
Baby DK with a Twist
Baby Glitz DK
Bamboo Cotton
Big Value DK
Big Value Baby DK
Candy Stripe DK
Cherish DK
Comfort DK Solid/ Prints

Galaxy DK by King Cole Yarns

           Galaxy DK by King Cole Yarns

Cottonsoft DK
Country Tweed
Flash DK
Galaxy DK
Glitz DK
Masham Hand Wash/ Machine Wash
Melody DK
Merino Blend DK
Moods Duet DK
Pricewise DK
Riot DK
Shine DK
Smooth/ Smooth Multi


Merino 120


                     Rico Baby Classic DK

Rico Yarns

Baby Classic DK
Baby Cotton Soft DK/ Print DK
Baby Merino DK
Baby So Soft DK/ Print
Essentials Cotton DK
Essentials Cotton Glitz DK
Essentials Cotton Soft DK Print
Fashion Fantasy DK
Fashion Colour Pop DK
Fashion Cotton Mouline Glitz
Fashion Pixel DK
Creative Sport DK/ Print
Baby Cotton Soft DK

SO! The list hopefully leaves you feeling as though we have not left you feeling limited in your selection of yarns.

“How much yarn will I need?”

2014-11-10 10.36.47

How many balls of yarn do I need???

As far as quantity goes, that depends on the size you are knitting, and which yarn you choose.

The sizes are as follows- 1-2 years (20″ chest), 2-3 years (21″ chest), 3-4 years (22″ chest), 4-5 years (23″ chest) and 5-6 years (24″ chest).

The pattern calls for a yarn that is packaged in a 100 gram ball, and has 290 metres per ball.

The smallest three sizes each call for two balls of yarn, which totals 200 grams, or 580 metres

The larger two sizes call for three balls of yarn, equalling 300 grams or 870 metres total.

It’s typically more accurate to calculate your required quantities for a substitute yarn by yardage, rather than weight, as different fibres can warrant different yardages due to weight.

So, let’s pretend that you want to knit your sweater using a yarn that has 120 metres per 50 gram ball, in the smallest size.

This would mean that you need 580 metres total, so let’s divide that by 120.

580 (total yardage) ÷ 120 (yardage of substitute yarn per ball) = 4.83 (balls of substitute yarn required).

This would mean that you should buy five balls of your substitute yarn!

Make sense?

You could very well end up with one extra ball, especially since the next two sizes up also call for the same amount of yarn. However, no one likes to get stuck short on yarn in the midst of a project! So, we highly recommend buying the five balls. Worst case scenario… you have some extra yarn to knit a matching hat. That’s not so bad- right?

For this little version using Cascade 220 Superwash, we knit the second smallest size, and used one ball of each colour- four balls total. We had lots of each colour left over! So a little matching hat just might be in our future…

2015-02-23 08.22.22

And finally “What size needles do I need?”

The pattern calls for 3.25mm needles and 4mm needles.

However, everyone knits at a different gauge! If you are a tight knitter, you might need to go up in needle size. If you are a loose knitter, you might need to go down.

The required gauge in order to get the finished measurements is 22 stitches over 4″.

If this means nothing to you… worry not! As the first order of business on Monday is swatching.

As far as what kind of needles… any kind will do! Circular or straight, you decide! Our sweater is knit in pieces and then seamed, so knit with whatever needles you feel most at ease knitting with.

In the meantime, do your best to get your hands on those two sets of needles and your yarn.

If you have any questions, please do not be shy! Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or in our Ravelry group!

We are here to help, so don’t let yourself get discouraged! We know it’s a lot of information all at once… but just think of all that you will learn over the course of six weeks!

Happy yarn shopping!