We are finding ourselves getting pretty excited around the office these days, with all of the new yarn and samples rolling in for the Fall 2015 season. So many beautiful yarns are happening at Estelle Designs!

And one of those yarns is called Artiliea, by Borgo de’ Pazzi. This yarn is available in a gorgeous range of rich shades- something for everyone! If you love bold and bright, this yarn is for you! But if you prefer the classic combo of black and white.. well, that’s also an option!

Since many knitters have a hard time visualizing what yarn like this will look once while made up, Marsha took the time to whip up a swatch for you!

Artilea Swatch 2

Isn’t that gold fleck in this colourway beautiful!?!?!?

Isn’t that striping stunning? Of course, since it is just a small swatch, the striping is much wider here, than if you were to knit a sweater, or even a hat. But should you feel so inclined to knit a pair of mittens or fingerless gloves- you would more than likely achieve a very similar result!

And speaking of hats… we might just have a hat pattern to share with you today! It only takes two balls of Artilea, and you should be through it in NO time.


Only catch? The yarn will not be available in your local yarn shop until mid-July, so make sure that you bookmark or save this pattern so as not to lose it! This pattern will be posted on our website in the coming weeks as well, so you can always easily access it from there.

Click the link below to get your hands on the pattern.


Happy knitting everyone!