If you are a knitter or crocheter (which we are going to go ahead and assume that you are, since you happen to be reading this blog), and if you happen to celebrate Christmas, then it is also likely safe to assume that you have already entertained the idea of getting started on some Christmas knitting!

Whether it is gift knitting that you are into, or knitted holiday decor, these ever-so-slightly cooler evenings have us all thinking about holiday knitting!

So while it may be a little premature to talk “Christmas talk”  within other industries and hobby circles, it isn’t in ours! And that would be because knitting doesn’t (usually) happen overnight.

So to get you geared up for that holiday knitting marathon that is bound to happen in so many of your homes this Fall, we thought that we would introduce you  to a new book from King Cole.

This book is King Cole’s third installment of ‘Christmas Knits’ (Book 1 and Book 2 can be found here and here), and it is packed with everything any Christmas loving knitter could possibly ask for.

KC Christmas Knits  300x475_edited-1

Not only is there an entire nativity scene to be knit… (every “stash-busters” dream come true!)


There is also an incredibly charming Christmas bulb garland that can be knit to adorn your mantle, tree or maybe even your front door (that all depends on how trustworthy your neighbours are! You would hate for such a thing of beauty to be snapped up by one of them!)


And to top it all off, this book even has a sweet little bird tea cozy to charm your holiday guests with while their tea steeps. Or maybe even to knit as a gift for that tea lover on your list!


So there you have it! A collection of fun and  festive patterns to help soften the blow of the impending cooler weather.

‘Christmas Knits Book 3’ book will be available in yarn shops across the country shortly, so be sure to get in touch with your local yarn shop to be sure that they have a copy on hold for you!