As knitters, the first thing we think when we hear that a loved one is expecting a baby is “What wonderful news! Now… what can I knit?”

We often have grand visions of sweet layettes or delicate booties with a coordinating matinee jacket. Or perhaps matching mother/daughter/father toques. Whatever we ultimately decide to knit, we can be certain that it will not go to waste- especially in a country such as Canada. Winters are long. And cold! And nothing keeps a baby warmer- or lets it know just how loved it is!- than something knitted or crocheted by a loved one.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to gauge the sizing properly. Will it be a big baby? A long baby? A small baby?

More often than not, the best bet is to go ahead and knit that baby a big, cozy blanket. Baby blankets always ‘fit’, and they have the potential to become a long lasting love token of that little one’s childhood. How many children do you know that have a ‘blankie’ that they never leave home without?

If the thought of knitting an entire baby blanket has you feeling a little unsure, worry not! Not only do they make great gifts once completed, they are generally pretty easy to pick up and put down, making them wonderful projects to bring to your next knit night, or to squeeze in a few rows on while dinner is in the oven.


Which brings us to one of our latest free Estelle Yarns knitting patterns. Knit using our popular yarn, Estelle Chunky, our Points and Picot Baby Blanket designed by Shannon Charles, is a great baby gift idea, that is a fun way to play with stripes and colours. Pick shades to match the nursery, or use the colours of mom and dad’s alma mater. The choice is yours, and the options are endless!

While the stripes are classic and simple, the shape is out of the ordinary, making it both fun to knit, and fun to give! Being that this pattern calls for Estelle Chunky and 6mm needles, you know that it will simply fly off the needles. And while this yarn is already available in forty vibrant, washable shades, we are thrilled to announce that we will be introducing twelve heathered shades available in local yarn stores later this year! Classic and cozy, these twelve colours are perfect for parents who prefer to stray from the traditional baby shades. No pale pink or baby blue here! At least, not yet anyway!


So, should you hear the good news of a new person due to land on earth in the coming months, get your supplies lined up and get knitting! To get your hands on this free pattern, please click the following link. picots-and-points-baby-blanket-final

And to find a local yarn shop near you that stocks Estelle Chunky, please click here.

Happy knitting everyone!