Quick Knit Gifts For Everyone On Your List!

With only eleven days left until Christmas, it’s time to step back, and take stock of your current gift giving situation. If you happen to be anything like us, you likely still have a few people left on your list that you were hoping to knit a little something for. And yet… you may not have even cast on! And while it may seem unrealistic that you will knit a sweater for your husband who wears a size XXXL, below are a few suggestions for projects that you can easily knit up while watching a few of your favourite Christmas flicks.

Not only are the following projects quick to knit, they’re stylish too! Because why knit something just for the sake of knitting, if they’re only going to just ‘like’ it? When they open your knitted gift on Christmas day, we want them to love it.

For the sister/best friend/baby-sitter on your list, we suggest casting on this trendy, quick knit cowl designed by Shannon Charles. Using 15mm needles, and the gorgeous, chunky yarn Elisa by Borgo de Pazzi, this gift will practically knit itself! This cowl can be worn tucked into a coat so as to keep the wind out, or draped over your shoulders to add some visual interest to an otherwise plain Winter coat.

Another yarn that we have been enjoying knitting this cowl out of is Cascade’s Spuntaneous. One skein of this 100% buttery soft merino wool, and you will have yourself with a cowl knit up in an evening, that you will never want to take off- or give away!

Click here to download your copy of this pattern today.


While it’s difficult to imagine that anything could possibly knit up faster than the above mentioned cowl, this headband just might! Using one skein of our quick-knitting Estelle Yarns Big Alpaca Bulky, and 12mm needles, this stylish headband is perfect for walking the dog or getting the mail- without wreaking your ‘do! With the Big Alpaca Bulky available in twelve gorgeous shades, you will have no problem making one of these for everyone on your list- or on your street!

To get your own copy of this pattern downloaded to your device, please click here.


Without a doubt, one of the most popular ‘Quick Knit’ yarns on the planet is Cascade’s Magnum. This thick, roving style yarn, is available in a wide range of shades, and gets softer each and every time that you wear it. Using only one skein of Magnum, this cowl can be worn in several ways, keeping you protected from the elements, while looking good at the same time!

Click here to download your copy, so that you can get knitting today!magnum_cowl_-_text_and_image-_low_res_page_1

Since many will tell you that so much of our body heat escapes from our head (whether true, making a loved one a hat is a great way to show that you care! This unique hat designed by Alice Twain, calls for one skein of the new yarn from Borgo de Pazzi, Paco, and 8mm needles. Available in a range of neutral shades, there is bound to be a skein that matches your best friend/brother/mom’s winter coat. And since pompoms are all the rage, why not add one? Rico’s faux fur pompoms are available in three sizes, and a wide range of colours. It is the perfect way to literally, ‘top’ this hat off.

Click here to get your hands on your copy of this unique hat pattern.


And finally, since it is the season of giving, perhaps you might consider making a Knitted Knocker for someone you may, or may not know. Knitters across Canada cannot knit and crochet fast enough to keep up with the demand, and every knocker helps! Should you just not be able to find the time before Santa shows up, then perhaps you might manage a few in that glorious week between Christmas and New Years- there will (unfortunately) always be a need. Or, if you are finding yourself stuck on what your New Year’s resolution might be for 2017, why not aim to knit one knocker each month for the entire year? Twelve knockers are better than no knockers, and the demand is high, so why not cast on and ‘knit your bit’?

So there you have it. Just a few projects for your needles that you will be able to knit up before Santa makes his way down the chimney- we promise! With 15 days to go, drop what you’re doing, head over to your friendly local yarn shop, and pick up the supplies that you need to knit a few (or all!) of these patterns. Because nothing says ‘Happy Holidays!’, like something knit by you.

Happy Holiday Knitting to you all!

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