New Sock Yarn- Magic Kette by Borgo

Just when we think we have seen everything there is to see as far as ‘sock yarn innovations’ go, someone comes forward with something unlike anything we have ever seen before.

This time, full points goes to our friends over at Borgo de’Pazzi¬†(yet again!) for their incredibly creative new idea, that will have sock knitters lined up for one of every colour.

Packaged in skein form, but rather than a single strand of yarn wound into a hank, a long, brightly coloured, pre-knit tube is loosely wound into a skein.

The idea of Magic Kette is to unwravel the knit tube, and re-knit it into socks, shawls, whatever your heart desires! You can either knit right off the tube, or wind it into a ball first and then proceed to knit it- you decide!

Currently available in seven bright colourways, Magic Kette knits into fun, vivid stripes once knit into socks.

Still having a hard time visualizing what we are talking about? Then watch this quick YouTube video to see how it’s done, by clicking here!

Magic Kette

This yarn will be available in yarn stores across the country by the end of the month, and we hope that you inquire at your local yarn store about it!

Happy knitting everyone!

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