Yarn Spotlight- Cascade Fixation

With the warmer weather finally upon us, many of us may find ourselves thinking of projects that lend themselves to hot, Summer projects- or garments!

And while there are many knitters and crocheters who are not the biggest fans of knitting with cotton due to it’s inelastic nature, that’s where Cascade Fixation comes in.

Available in a wide range of colours, with less than 2% elastic thrown into an otherwise pure cotton yarn, that touch of stretch makes the Fixation yarn perfect for socks, baby hats, chemo caps- even swimwear!

Currently available in Canada in 38 solid shades and 31 variegated colours, there are plenty of options for everyone’s taste and style.

Cascade Yarns has generously provided free patterns on their website for Fixation  (plus so many of their other yarns!), and we thought that we would include a few of them in this post, to hopefully delight and inspire.

One of the most common uses for Fixation is socks. Whether you are someone (or know someone!) with a wool allergy, or you just prefer cotton socks over the warmer woollier fibres, two balls of Cascade Fixation will make you up a pair.

The pattern pictured below is called Spring Garden Socks, and can be downloaded by clicking here. With some gentle lace work running down the leg, and a stocking stitch foot, these socks would work well in one of the more subtle variegated shades of Fixation, or a solid. The choice is yours!


Chemo caps are something that unfortunately, one cannot knit enough of. There will always be a need! Chemo caps do not use much yarn, so one ball of Fixation will produce one cap. Due to the sensitive nature of the skin when undergoing chemo, the cotton provides a comfortable and breathable fabric, and the bit of elastic ensures that the cap holds it’s shape, and stays on one’s head. Local hospitals are generally more than happy to accept knitted and crocheted chemo cap donations, so make one (or a few!) and drop them off at your local Cancer Care centre.

To download your free copy of this cabled chemo cap pattern, please click here.


However, if crochet patterns are more your speed, then click here to download the All About Stripes Hat by Susie Bonell, pictured below.


As we have mentioned on here countless times before, you would be hard pressed to find too many knitters and crocheters who don’t enjoy making baby items- whether they have a baby in their life, or not! It is always quick and satisfying to produce a tiny sweater, and Cascade Fixation is a great yarn to do that with! Easy to wash, breathable, and with that bit of elastic to prevent the sleeves from stretching out, this yarn is ideal for kids garments.

The Knits and Purls Textured Sweater designed by Grace Alexander is a fantastic sweater, with sizing from two years to eight years. Ideal for solid colours, so as not to lose any of the stitch pattern, let your little one choose their favourite shade, and then cast on!

To download your free copy of this pattern, please click here.


To view Cascade Fixation Solids, Cascade Fixation Sprayed- Dyed and Effect please click the following links. And to find a local yarn shop near you that stocks this versatile yarn, please click here.

Happy knitting and crocheting everyone!

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