Yarn Forward, The End of an Era

We know that all good things must come to an end at some point, but we cannot help but wish they didn’t have to. It is with sadness that we bid a fond farewell to Carol and all the staff at Yarn Forward, a long-standing staple on the fibre scene in Ottawa, and an equally long-standing supporter of Estelle Yarns.

“Carol Manship was determined and always had a strong sense of what she wanted for her store,” said Chris Peacock of Estelle Yarns. He fondly remembers being a young salesman and presenting Carol with a new sock yarn called Invicta. “Little did I know but the word Invicta had a strong meaning for Carol, not only is this the motto of the County of Kent (where Carol grew up in the UK), but it was also the name of Roger and Carol’s boat, which they kept in the Thousand Islands.”

That was just the beginning of a lasting relationship. Over the years we’ve enjoyed every meeting and every phone call with Carol. She will be greatly missed by our Sales Reps, as well as the Estelle office staff who have come to know Carol quite well.

We can’t imagine that any knitter in Canada hasn’t at least heard of Yarn Forward or shopped there online or in person. June 30th will truly be a sad day for knitters, but for Carol, this is a time for a new chapter in life. Have a listen to what Carol had to say in this CBC Radio One interview, or you can view the CBC News article here.

For more than twenty years Carol has operated shops in both Kanata and The Glebe, and has assisted and inspired thousands of knitters. Perhaps you learned how to knit at Yarn Forward, or maybe they helped you pick out the perfect yarn for your most prized project. Do you have a favourite memory of Yarn Forward? Let us know in the comments section below.

We close with these final, and truly appropriate words from Chris Peacock, “Invicta, meaning undefeated, was a motto Carol brought with her to Canada and carried with her throughout her career. She is still making her own decisions for which we have great admiration. Thank you, Carol, for the memories and best wishes for what the future may bring.”

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