New SuperSoxx & TwinSoxx from Lang Yarns

What’s the one thing knitters have an abundance of in their stash? Why sock yarn of course! Knitters never get tired of the new and exciting colourways, the different patterns, and the different ways the yarns are presented.

Look in any knitter’s stash bag/cupboard/room and you will always find at least two or three (or ten or twenty!) balls of sock yarn. That’s because there are a multitude of options with just one ball of sock yarn. Of course, there’s the obvious – socks! But one ball of sock yarn is also enough to make a gorgeous shawl, a newborn baby sweater, fingerless gloves, a hat, legwarmers, mittens, or even a necktie!

We have a great new sock yarn from Lang Yarns that we can’t wait to introduce you to. Lang SuperSoxx is a high quality, easy to care for sock yarn that has been dyed for fantastic effect. Lang TwinSoxx is the same product, but with an excellent addition – halfway through the ball, there’s a contrasting coloured section to mark where the colour sequence will begin again. The perfect solution to perfectly matching socks!

Just to keep you on your toes (pardon the pun), Lang switch the collections up every month. One month your LYS will receive a delivery of SuperSoxx, and the next month will be TwinSoxx, and so on. What a great way to keep things fresh and fun!

We’ve got a sneak peak of the collections for the next few months, some of which you may have been lucky enough to see already in your LYS. Have a look at these beauties and mark your calendar so you can make sure you get to your LYS in time!

June 2018 SuperSoxx Collection

July 2018 TwinSoxx Collection

August 2018 SuperSoxx Collection

September 2018 TwinSoxx Collection

October 2018 SuperSoxx Collection

Lang Yarns never disappoint when it comes to sock yarn. After all, they’ve been making high quality yarns for 150 years, so they’ve pretty much perfected the practice. SuperSoxx/TwinSoxx are comprised of 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon, guaranteeing long lasting and durable socks that are machine washable. You’ll be putting your best foot forward every time you step out in your new socks from Lang Yarns.

Ask for SuperSoxx/TwinSoxx at your LYS today and surrender yourself to the serenity of sock knitting.



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