Some Free Pattern Sharing- from Cascade Yarns

For those of you who meet regularly with a group of fellow yarn-fanatics, you will know the feeling when a knitting/crocheting friend pulls their latest masterpiece out of their knitting bag for everyone to “ooh” and “ahhh” over- such excitement!

And isn’t it just the best when that knitting/crocheting friend of yours announces to the circle which pattern it is they used, and you say to yourself “Wait a minute… REALLY!?!?!? He/She used THAT pattern???” It may be a pattern that you have seen at one point in time, but simply brushed over during one of your Ravelry sessions. However, having seen it worked up in person, and in different colours, perhaps even with a few ‘tweaks’ made to the original pattern… and you’re in love.

Sharing pattern ideas with friends is such a great way to discover new ideas and inspiration. And since we consider you all to be such good friends, we thought we would show and share with you a few patterns that might not register on your radar otherwise. Today we have compiled a list of  the top five most downloaded patterns from Cascade Yarns website from April, 2016 for you to browse! Some of these patterns may be ones that you would otherwise skip over, had they been presented to you in some other form. But knowing that they’re the ‘top five’, you may stop and look at them just a little differently. Things don’t make it to the ‘Top Five’ for no reason! Especially when the competition is so fierce.

#5 Pinwheel Entrelac Baby Blanket

If you haven’t tried your hand at entrelac, a baby blanket is a great place to start! Even if you don’t know a baby right now… you will! The technique is much simpler than it looks, and produces rather impressive results. Entrelac appears as though you have knit individual strips, and woven them all together like a basket- but you haven’t! Using a self-striping yarn such as the Pinwheel is a great way to maximize the woven effect of entrelac. It also saves you from having to buy multiple balls of solid coloured of yarn- which saves you from sewing in  millions of ends!

#4 Cherub Heart Cardi

Kids clothes are an absolute riot to knit, so it’s no surprise that this sweet little cardigan rolls in at #4! Knit using Cascade’s Cherub DK, it makes for an affordable (and washable!) gift for the little girl in your life. Looking for something a little more natural? Cascade’s Ultra Pima would make for a gorgeous alternative!

#3 Arches Baby Cardigan

Another baby pattern! Knit with Cascade 220 Superwash, this pattern is incredibly sweet and would look great paired with either a pretty dress, or a tiny pair of overalls! Little sweaters like this one are a really great way to brush up on your lace knitting skills. In fact, kid’s clothes are a great way to practice all sorts of knitting techniques, as knitting a miniature sweater doesn’t end up being a big investment of time- or money! Once you feel confident in the skills mastered in your baby knitting, it is time to cast on a larger scale sweater for yourself. You deserve it!

#2 A Robot Blanket

For those of you who aren’t so into knitting lace for the little ones, here is another option for you- a robot baby blanket! But of course… this doesn’t have to be just for a baby. Make it bigger for the toddler or maybe even the ‘young-at-heart’ in your life! Knit using Cascade’s new yarn Anthem, this 100% acrylic yarn is washable, affordable, and available in a rainbow of bright colours. The colour combinations you could come up with for this blanket are truly endless! Looking to use a cozy, washable wool instead? Why not try Cascade 220 Superwash and you will find yourself with even more colours to choose from!

#1 Ultra Pima Alpine Shawl

We are certainly happy to report that a crochet pattern has made it to the number one spot on this list, which means that Summer must be coming! Light, airy and elegant, this shawl will kick any outfit from 0-60 the second that you put it on.

Made using only four skeins of Cascade’s gorgeous Ultra Pima Cotton, you will take just as much pleasure in making this piece, as you will wearing it.

So be sure to click the links, explore these patterns, and perhaps you may just find yourself casting on something that you may have never looked twice at, had we not brought it to your attention.

Should you find yourself craving even more inspiration, be sure to check out the entire range of free Cascade Yarns Patterns on both their websiteand ours! And of course, be sure to let us know what’s next in your queue! We wouldn’t mind a dose of fresh inspiration ourselves!

Happy knitting and crocheting everyone!

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