New Sock Yarn! Comfort Wolle Sock

It is a known fact among knitters that sock yarn doesn’t count towards one’s stash. So even if we find ourselves in a yarn shop, and even if we are on a self-imposed “yarn diet”, we can always pick a ball or two (or ten!) of sock yarn, and it simply does not count towards our stash.

While not every knitter knits socks, or gets why one would want to knit socks, those that do, simply cannot get enough.

Socks are portable, require minimal ‘brain power’ (heel turns and grafting aside), and are such wonderful projects for the waiting room, knitting group, PTA meetings or visiting your great aunt.

For those of you who do love sock knitting, and are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest sock yarn, allow us to introduce you to the Comfort Wolle Sock Collection. With a new range of colour ways being introduced each month, there are always fresh shades to chose from. With colours that are perfect for your teenage daughter, your great grandfather and the kid that walks your dog while you’re at work, there is truly a sock yarn in the Comfort Wolle Sock Collection for everyone on your list.

The latest installment from the February range includes bold, solid stripes with some bright shades, lots of tonals and even a few neutrals for those who aren’t so interested in drawing attention to their feet.

The December 2016 collection featured eight jacquard shades, all fairly tonal and neutral in their palette- perfect for the man in your life! However December also brought us eight very vivid tones, with bright oranges, electric blues and hot pinks.

Made in Italy, and packaged in the standard 100 gram/420 meters per ball, you should have no problem getting an average sized pair of socks out of a single ball. Made of the most popular sock blend of 75% wool and 25% nylon, this yarn washes well, and will not wear out in your work boots, the first time you slip them on.

So if you are on the hunt for your next ball of sock yarn, be sure to ask your local yarn shop about the Comfort Wolle Sock Collection.

And if knitting socks is simply not something that interests you, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make something with this yarn! The Memories Blanket is a gorgeous pattern by Georgie Nicholson, which aims to use up all of your bits and pieces of sock yarn. Should you not have a bag filled with little sock yarn left overs however, then why not pick up a few balls of the Comfort Wolle sock yarn and get started? That project might just be what pushes you over the sock knitting edge.

Happy (sock) knitting everyone!

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