Canucklehead Contest Winners!

Back in June, we announced our latest contest on the blog. For a chance to win a copy of the appropriately named cowl and hat pattern ‘Canucklehead’ by Jessie McKitrick, all that was asked of you, was to tell us what it is that you love about Canada on our Facebook post.

So simple! Right?

Well, we are pleased to announce that the winners have been drawn, and they are as follows: Carol Proctor-McGavin, Cheryl Van Viet-Brown, Linda Dueck Sigsworth, Valerie McInall and Gabriella Irving. Each of the winners has been contacted through Facebook, but if you happen to see your name here, and haven’t received a note from us, please contact us by email at

Thank you to each and every one of you for your entries. We truly loved reading each and every one of your posts! It’s pretty hard not feel like an incredibly proud Canadian after scrolling through each one!

And on that note… we are off to cast on our very own Canucklehead!

Stay tuned for our next contest, to be announced sometime next week!

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